Grade 9: Line-Following Car Modular Kit

R 2,280.00

Level up your robotics skills – build and program your own automated car

The Line-Following Car Modular Kit is ideal for learners wanting to expand their knowledge of coding and robotics. Both challenging and exciting, this year-long course starts learners off with the fundamentals of building and testing circuits and programming in the Arduino language (a C++ derivative). Putting their newly-acquired skills to the test, learners will build and program a fully-automated line-following car.

Learners will also have access to an online platform with step-by-step video instructions to guide them from start to finish.

This course has more inputs (and possible outputs) than previous projects. It builds on the knowledge gained from creating the Automated Hand Sanitiser and the Smart Garden, so learners will first master the basics of building and testing circuits and programming in Arduino before diving into the building and programming of their automated line-following car. Those who already know the ins and outs can opt to complete additional projects during this time.


Learners’ electric circuit knowledge is furthered when they explore the use of photoresistors, relay and DC motors, 7-segment display and infrared sensors. Once completed, their car (through sensory data) can sense the track it’s moving on, determine if it’s too far left or right, and navigate itself (fully automated) to stay on the track and steer in the right direction!


The course comprises:

  • Fundamentals of electric circuits
  • Introduction to the Arduino IDE and the Arduino Language (a C++ derivative)
  • Tinkercad
  • Digital facilitator's guide
  • Guided year-long curriculum
  • Online learning platform: video-based learning
  • Online learning support



  • Internet connection
  • Laptop, PC or MacBook
    • Minimum 4GB of RAM
    • 4GHz CPU or higher
    • Minimum of 10GB free storage on your device
  • Recycled material (such as cardboard)


  • Video-based learning for each project, task and concept taught in the course.
  • Plug and play: No soldering is required. Build your circuit in minutes.


  • Arduino Uno Development Kit with USB cable
  • 400-hole breadboard
  • 65 x male-to-male jumper cables (different lengths)
  • 10 x male-to-female jumper cables (20cm)
  • 2 x red LED
  • 2 x green LED
  • 2 x blue LED
  • 2 x yellow LED
  • Red through-hole push button
  • Green through-hole push button
  • Blue through-hole push button
  • Yellow through-hole push button
  • 10 x 220Ω ¼ watt resistor
  • 10 x 1kΩ ¼ watt resistor
  • 10 x 2kΩ ¼ watt resistor
  • 10 x 10kΩ ¼ watt resistor
  • 10 x 560kΩ ¼ watt resistor
  • TCRT5000 infrared sensor
  • 5V single-channel relay module
  • 10mm photoresistor
  • Analogue temperature sensor
  • Seven-segment display
  • 5V battery bank
  • 5 x cable ties (15cm)
  • L9110s dual DC stepper motor driver
  • Acrylic car chassis
  • 2 x 4.6V – 6V DC motors
  • 2 x rubber wheels
  • Omni wheel
  • Battery connector
  • 2 x wheels
  • 7 x M3 10mm dual pass copper standoffs
  • 4 x M3 30mm bolts
  • 20 x M3 10mm bolts
  • 10 x M3 hex nuts
Age Group 15 Years+
Grade Gr 9
Language English
Brand Resolute Robotics