About Optimi Plus

Our story

The Optimi Group has been in the education industry for more than 19 years. In 2021 we launched our online store, Optimi Plus, as we wanted to offer learners, parents, and tutors the opportunity to add more to their learning journey.

The one-stop online shop provides all the tools learners need to succeed, including textbooks, interactive educational software, robotics, career guidance and much more!

Learners, parents, and tutors can now easily shop online and add educational items to their cart with the click of a button. We are continuously adding more to Optimi Plus, so visit our store regularly to see what’s new.  


Optimi Group

Optimi Plus forms part of the Optimi Home division in the Optimi Group. Optimi Home is also home to Impaq, South Africa’s largest homeschooling curriculum provider and the Impaq Online School, an innovative offering where learners receive all the benefits of a traditional school online!

The Optimi Group provides accessible learning solutions that support every step of your learning journey through four divisions: Home, Workplace, Classroom, and College.