Grade 8: Smart Garden Modular Kit

R 2,280.00

Launch your robotics and coding journey with the Autonomous Smart Garden

This kit is a great way to get started – OR build on existing knowledge – in the world of robotics and coding. It teaches learners the fundamentals of building, testing circuits, and programming in Arduino before putting their skills to the test with a practical project – a self-watering garden!

With access to our online platform, step-by-step video instructions, and optional bonus projects, learners will have everything they need to transform principles into practice and bring their projects to life.

Before kicking off their first project, students will learn the fundamentals of building and testing circuits and how to program in Arduino (a C++ derivative). If they have already got the basics down, learners can complete additional projects during the first half of the year before turning theory into practice with the automated smart garden project.


The Smart Garden Kit includes potentiometers, a buzzer, a relay and a DC pump, buck converters and soil moisture sensors to illustrate and expand on electric circuit theory. The Smart Garden is a more challenging circuit, but with our online video-based platform to guide them, learners can focus on having fun while building their own intuitive garden. Learners will be tasked with using a soil moisture sensor to test if the soil in the garden has the proper moisture levels. Once completed, the system autonomously waters the garden as necessary.


The course comprises:

  • Fundamentals of electric circuits
  • Introduction to the Arduino IDE and the Arduino Language (a C++ derivative)
  • Tinkercad
  • Digital facilitator's guide
  • Guided year-long curriculum
  • Online learning platform: video-based learning
  • Online learning support



  • Internet connection
  • Laptop, PC or MacBook
    • Minimum 4GB of RAM
    • 4GHz CPU or higher
    • Minimum of 10GB free storage on your device
  • Recycled material (such as cardboard)


  • Video-based learning for each project, task and concept taught in the course.
  • Plug and play: No soldering is required. Build your circuit in minutes.



  • Arduino Uno Development Kit with USB cable
  • 400-hole breadboard
  • 65 x male-to-male jumper cables (different lengths)
  • 10 x male-to-female jumper cables 20cm
  • 2 x red LED
  • 2 x green LED
  • 2 x blue LED
  • 2 x yellow LED
  • Red through-hole push button
  • Green through-hole push button
  • Blue through-hole push button
  • Yellow through-hole push button
  • 10 x 220Ω ¼ watt resistor
  • 10 x 1kΩ ¼ watt resistor
  • 10 x 2kΩ ¼ watt resistor
  • 10 x 10kΩ ¼ watt resistor
  • 10 x 560kΩ ¼ watt resistor
  • TCRT5000 infrared sensor
  • 10kΩ potentiometer
  • 5V active buzzer
  • SW-460D single-direction ball switch
  • 5V Single channel relay module
  • 3V – 4.5V amphibious DC water pump (flow rate = 80/100 L/H)
  • LM2596 DC/DC buck converter module
  • 12V, 2A charger adapter
  • 3V – 5V soil moisture sensor
  • Silicone tubing 5mm outer diameter, 0.5m
  • Silicone tubing 3mm outer diameter, 0.05m
  • 5 x cable ties 15cm
Age Group 14–16 Years
Grade Gr 8
Language English
Brand Resolute Robotics