We provide a wide range of CAPS-aligned learning
materials in printed and e-book format for Grades R–12.
Grasp STEM concepts in a fun and exciting way with our wide range of courses tailored for Grades 1–12.
Ensure that you choose the right career path with a tried-and-tested online questionnaire or develop a positive learning attitude with a study methods course.
Get everything your little one needs to kick start their learning journey including stationery, posters, activity boxes,
and more!
Take learning online with fun, interactive, easy-to-use computer programs. The educational software can be used anytime, anywhere, on a laptop or PC.
Career Compass.
Available for Grades 8 - 12

Join in on the fun with our Foundation Phase Readers!
Available in English and Afrikaans Home Lanuage for Grade 1-3

Optimi Maths Kit
Develop learners' mathhematical skills by providing a 'mind-on, hands-on' learning experience with the Optimi Maths kit.