We provide a wide range of CAPS-aligned learning
materials in printed and e-book format for Grades R – 12.
Enjoy a wide range of courses tailored from Grades 1-12 that cover robotics, engineering, and programming.
Grade 8 – 12 learners can ensure that they choose the right career path with Career Compass. The online questionnaire matches learners’ personality types with compatible work environments.
The Optimi Maths Kit is the perfect teaching resource for tutors and parents educating Grade R – 3 learners and can be used for all four years of the
Foundation Phase.
Cami boasts a suite of highly effective computer programs that can be used anytime, anywhere. Each program contains thousands of exercises that Grade R – 12 learners can complete on a laptop or PC.
Career Compass.
Available for Grades 8 - 12

Join in on the fun with our Foundation Phase Readers!
Available in English and Afrikaans Home Lanuage for Grade 1-3

Optimi Maths Kit
Develop learners' mathhematical skills by providing a 'mind-on, hands-on' learning experience with the Optimi Maths kit.