Grade R Stationery Pack

R 1,450.00

Avoid the back-to-school shop and get all the stationery your little learner needs with the click of a button. Our Grade R Stationery Packs include everything Grade R learners need to unleash their creativity and develop their gross and fine motor skills.

Please note that the estimated delivery time is seven (7) business days.


The high-quality items included in the Grade R Stationery Pack are not specific to any one activity but can be used and reused throughout the academic year.

The pack includes all the basic stationery requirements for Grade R learners, plus some additional items to help your learner ignite their creative spark, such as:

1 x Amos retractable wax crayons set

1 x Staedtler jumbo wax crayons set

1 x Treeline thick Koki pens (set of 12)

1 x Bic coloured pencils (set of 12)

1 x Teddy Playdough (4 x 100ml)

1 x Treeline 24-piece puzzle

1 x Idem Smile stringing beads

1 x skipping rope

1 x Staedtler scissors (14cm)

1 x A4 coloured paper: 80g 100 sheets (20 sheets x 5 colours)

1 x A4 coloured board: 160g 100 sheets (20 sheets x 5 colours)

1 x Typek A4 80g (1 ream x 500 sheets)

1 x Dala Liquid Tempura colours (500ml) (colours may vary)

1 x Dala Teddy poster paint kit (4 x 100ml)

1 x Treeline watercolour paints (set of 12)

1 x Paintbrush Artist round and flat brushes (set of 5)

1 x Dala craft glue (125ml)

1 x Pritt glue stick (43g)

1 x Idem Smile peg board

1 x Dala jumbo chalk (set of 6)

1 x double-hole metal pencil sharpener

1 x big tennis ball

1 x beanbag

Grade Gr R
Language English
Brand Optimi