Foundation Phase Stationery Pack

R 1,150.00

Avoid the back-to-school shop and get all the stationery your little learner needs with the click of a button. Our Foundation Phase Stationery Packs include everything Grade 1 to 3 learners need to unleash their creativity and develop their gross and fine motor skills.

Please note that the estimated delivery time is seven (7) business days.


The high-quality items included in the Foundation Phase Stationery Pack are not specific to any one activity but can be used and reused throughout the academic year.

The pack includes all the basic stationery requirements for Grade 1 to 3 learners, plus some additional items to help your learner ignite their creative spark, such as:

1 x Amos retractable wax crayons set

1 x Bic coloured pencils (set of 12)

1 x Treeline Koki pens (set of 12)

1 x Pritt glue stick (43g)

1 x Bostik clear glue (25ml)

1 x Dala craft glue (125ml)

1 x Scissors (163mm)

1 x double-hole metal pencil sharpener

1 x 30cm ruler

1 x Staedtler T20 Tradition eraser

1 x Staedtler Tradition HB pencil

1 x Dala Liquid Tempura colours (500ml) (colours may vary)

1 x Dala Teddy poster paint kit (4 x 100ml)

1 x Paintbrush Artist round and flat brushes (set of 5)

1 x Typek A4 80g (1 ream x 500 sheets)

1 x A4 coloured paper: 80g 100 sheets (20 sheets x 5 colours)

1 x A4 coloured board: 160g 100 sheets (20 sheets x 5 colours)

1 x Treeline oil pastels (set of 12)

1 x Treeline wax crayons (set of 12)

1 x box split pins (12mm)

1 x Pilot 100 permanent marker

Grade Gr 1, Gr 2, Gr 3
Language English
Brand Optimi