Grade 3: Novice Level 3 Expansion Pack

R 810.00

Learn all about concepts, components, and programming

Get ready to level up your Novice Bot experience with the epic Level 3 Expansion Kit! Become a master of computational thinking and explore the fascinating world of computer systems and how humans interact with them. Plus, you'll get some new components to play with, including a multi-button unit and an LCD screen

Please note: The Novice Bot is not included in this expansion kit and should be bought separately.

The Level 3 Expansion Kit includes new exciting Novice Bot add-ons that will help learners apply thinking models in a practical manner

By honing in on the Novice Bot’s many functions and capabilities, learners will grow their robotics skills and coding techniques. Learners will use an IDE known as Resly to better understand hardware and software controls through block-based coding while learning to program several concepts such as IF statements, loops, encoding, decoding, debugging, and ultrasonic sensing.

They will also expand their critical thinking and problem-solving skills by delving deeper into several thinking models, such as sequencing, pattern recognition, data analysis, logic, algorithms, abstraction, and decomposition. 

The expansion kit contains the following added components:

  • LCD screen
  • DC fan
  • Potentiometer
  • Multi-button unit

Please ensure you have the Novice Bot before purchasing the Level 3 Expansion Kit.


  • Internet connection
  • Laptop, PC, or MacBook
    • Minimum 4GB of RAM
    • 4 GHz CPU or higher
    • Minimum of 10GB of free storage on your device
  • Recycled material (such as cardboard)


  • Video-based learning for each project, task, and concept taught in the course.
  • Plug and play: No soldering is required. Build your circuit in minutes.


  • 4 x 6p6c Rj11 cables
  • Push-button controller and potentiometer Lego module
  • DC fan Lego module
  • LCD screen Lego module
  • Lego mounting pieces
Age Group 9–10 Years
Grade Gr 3
Language English
Brand Resolute Robotics