Career Compass: English or Afrikaans (Gr 8–12)

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Career Compass: English or Afrikaans (Gr 8–12)

Ensure your learner chooses the right career path suited to their skillsets and personality with a tried-and-tested online questionnaire. With a few simple questions, Career Compass can help them discover where their interests truly lie.

This questionnaire is perfect for Grade 9 learners gearing up to make those all-important subject choices for Grade 10. Grade 12 learners can also get valuable insights into which career paths align with their passions when deciding what to pursue once they complete matric.

The Career Compass questionnaire, based on Dr John L. Holland’s scientifically proven personality theory (the world’s most widely used career counselling theory), matches learners’ personality types with compatible work environments and professions.

Completing the questionnaire only takes around 30 minutes, after which your learner will be linked to a comprehensive career database. The database provides valuable information about the learner’s personalised career options, including:

  • A job description for each identified career – so your learner knows exactly what each job option entails.
  • Bright outlook occupations – these are the jobs that are expected to grow rapidly in the next few years.
  • The relative demand in the South African labour market for a specific career – learners can choose a career that is likely to have job openings after they have graduated.
  • Training institutions available in South Africa for the learner’s career choice – learners can see where to study to pursue the career option best suited to them.
  • Continuously updated information – learners can explore their career options over time and keep an eye on the evolving opportunities in the job market.

The questionnaire is available in English or Afrikaans and is suitable for learners in Grades 8 to 12.


Age Group 14–18 Years
Grade Gr 8, Gr 9, Gr 10, Gr 11, Gr 12
Language English & Afrikaans
Brand Career Compass