Safari Academy 101 for Kids: Animals of South Africa

R 460.00
Safari Academy 101 for Kids: Animals of South Africa

Your kids might know about the Big Five, but do they know about the Small Five or the Ugly Five? The Safari Academy course for Grades R – 8 takes learners on an exciting adventure through the African bush. The course covers mammals, reptiles, birds, astronomy and much more!

Safari Academy 101 is a new and exciting e-learning course that empowers the future guardians of our planet with first-hand knowledge of wildlife and nature! The program has been specially designed by professional field guides with more than 30 years of experience and covers the following:

· Mammals of South Africa

· Reptiles of South Africa

· Birds of South Africa

· Arthropods of South Africa

· Plants of South Africa

· Astronomy – Southern Hemisphere

· Animal tracks of South Africa

· National Parks of South Africa

The fun, interactive, easy-to-use online course is available in English and Afrikaans and consists of eight (8) modules with a quiz at the end of each module. At the end of the course, learners complete a final assessment of all the modules and receive a certificate of completion.

Grade Gr R, Gr 1, Gr 2, Gr 3, Gr 4, Gr 5, Gr 6, Gr 7, Gr 8
Language English & Afrikaans
Brand Safari Academy 101