Quanta Physical Sciences Gr 12

R 190.00
Quanta Physical Sciences Gr 12

All the examination preparation for physics and chemistry you need in small, digestible, bite-sized ‘quanta’.
Quanta Physical Sciences Gr 12

The Quanta series provides all the examination preparation Grade 10–12 learners need for physics and chemistry: 

  • Exercises cover various types of examination questions to practise skills and test knowledge application and reasoning. 
  • Includes step-by-step calculations and answers. 
  • Contains a useful summary of the skills required to succeed in physical sciences. 
  • Includes formula sheets, and summaries of definitions and statements of law. 
  • USB flash drive with video explanations and demonstrations help learners to visualise difficult and abstract concepts. 
Age Group 16–18 Years
Grade Gr 12
Language English
Brand Quanta