Grade 5: Micro:bit Car and Crane Kit

R 3,340.00

Ignite your engineering potential

The Grade 5 Kit expands on the concepts and projects completed in Grade 4 and includes all the tools and hardware learners need to build their own remote-controlled car and crane!

With access to a detailed student guide and step-by-step video instructions, learners will have everything they need to transform principles into practice and bring their projects to life.

In Grade 4, learners were introduced to the exciting world of the Micro:bit. Now, they will take a more in-depth look at building and coding their own remote-controlled car and crane.

And even if they didn’t complete the Grade 4 curriculum, Grade 5 learners could still enjoy this course without falling behind – a quick (but detailed) bridging course is included, with all the key concepts to get learners up to speed. Those who have completed the course can use this opportunity to explore the powerful use of radio communication on the Micro:bit, allowing the other learners time to catch up.

Initially, learners will revisit some key coding concepts and then apply them to exciting new projects involving the inputs and outputs of the Micro:bit. Learners will also explore the etiquette of building and handling circuits before getting hands-on and building their own car.

They will learn to code and control various inputs and outputs, graduating with a fully remote-controlled car. Learners will also build, code and operate an extension to the car – the crane – where they will learn all about structures and servo motors.

The course includes:

  • All the hardware, including the Micro:bit
  • A detailed student guide comprising 40 lessons in total (average of 4–5 activities per lesson)
  • A detailed facilitator's guide (e-book)
  • Access to a comprehensive online platform with video lessons


  • Internet connection
  • Laptop, PC or MacBook
    • Minimum 4GB of RAM
    • 4GHz CPU or higher
    • Minimum of 10GB free storage on your device
  • Recycled material (such as cardboard)


  • Video-based learning for each project, task and concept taught in the course.
  • Plug and play: No soldering is required. Build your circuit in minutes.



  • BBC Micro:bit V2.0
  • Apprentice bot PCB shield with omni wheel
  • 2 x N20 wheels (diameter = 43mm)
  • Black acrylic frame mounts
  • Clear acrylic crane frame
  • 8V – 6V CMU MG90s-360 servo motors
  • LED Neo pixel ring
  • HC-SR05 ultrasonic sensor
  • IR remote control
  • Servo motor mounted pulley
  • 5m string
  • 4 x ½ smooth bush Lego piece
  • 2 x technic wedge belt wheel Lego pieces
  • 2 x 4L axle Lego pieces
  • USB to micro USB A cable, black, 1.2m
  • Yellow star M3 x 40mm screwdriver
  • Blue flat M3 x 40mm screwdriver
  • 3 x male-to-female 10cm jumper cables
  • 4 x male-to-female 15cm jumper cables
  • A3 paper track
  • 4 x M3 35mm dual pass copper standoffs
  • 11 x M3 10mm bolts
  • 11 x M3 hex nuts
  • 8 x M1.6 10mm bolts
  • 8 x M1.6 hex nuts
Age Group 11–12 Years
Grade Gr 5
Language English
Brand Resolute Robotics