English Home Language Reader Bundle Gr 1

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English Home Language Reader Bundle Gr 1

Introduce learners to reading in a fun and engaging way when they join Ben, Lebo, and Hanna on their adventures. 
The beautifully illustrated Grade 1 soft cover readers allow learners to build their confidence as they progress from picture cards to reading words and simple sentences, and finally complete stories. 
English Home Language Reader Bundle Gr 1

The Grade 1 English Home Language Reader Bundle includes a reader with picture cards (A4) and five A5 soft cover readers. Phase 2 consists of five short stories, and Phases 3 and 4 four of stories each. As the phases progress, sentences and stories become longer and vocabulary is expanded.  

  • Phase 1a: Picture cards
  • Phase 1b: I can read – Read simple sentences
  • Phase 1c: First adventures – Read simple sentences and storylines
  • Phase 2: Ben learns to share – Five stories 
  • Phase 3: Ouch! It hurts! – Four stories 
  • Phase 4: Hanna learns a lesson – Four stories 
Age Group 5–9 Years
Grade Gr 1
Language English