Career Direct®: Personalised Career Path GPS (English or Afrikaans)

R 4,000.00
Career Direct®: Personalised Career Path GPS

Career Direct® is not just another career assessment questionnaire. The internationally accredited system guides your child to discover their unique design by integrating and measuring four critical components of career choice: personality, interests, skills, and values.

This holistic system is one of the most comprehensive on the market and measures and includes an individual's values to create a clear career path. Plus, get ongoing support from a dedicated career coach. Career Direct® is available in English and Afrikaans.

Career Direct® has a global footprint, with up-to-date information and step-by-step guidance to give your child a clear indication of the emerging careers of the future. 

This assessment programme helps your child discover their hidden qualities and preferences so they can enjoy their studies and reach their full potential. The programme can also assist adults wanting to make a career change.

How it works

  • At Career Direct® every child and parent receive personalised attention. The process starts with an initial conversation with a friendly career coach who will explain the process and clarify your specific needs. 
  • Your child then completes the online questionnaire in English or Afrikaans at a time that suits them. This in-depth questionnaire takes around 1 hour to complete.
  • As soon as the results are available, your dedicated career coach will discuss the comprehensive report with you and your child during two one-on-one sessions. Take a look at a sample report by clicking the link below:

    Career Direct: Sample Report

    During these feedback sessions, the career coach will also show your child how to use the system, enabling them to confidently research specific careers. The report also includes helpful links to additional training resources.
  • As an added bonus, the assessment measures the amount of stress present in your child’s life at the time of completing the questionnaire. Should it be necessary, your career coach will be able to assist with practical stress management skills.

Why choose Career Direct®?

  • Career Direct® has more than 20 years of experience in psychometrics.
  • More than 350 000 individuals have benefitted from using the system.
  • The system is continually updated and enhanced to provide you with relevant information and analysis.
  • Learners and individuals who have used the Career Direct® system go on to enjoy their studies and reach their full potential.
  • Career Direct® is not only for learners and students but also for adults wanting to make a career change. Many parents have been so impressed with the results of the assessments that they have decided to complete the programme for themselves.
Grade Gr 9, Gr 10, Gr 11, Gr 12
Language English & Afrikaans
Brand Career Direct®