10 Habits of Successful Learners: Learner Pack (Gr 4–7)

R 230.00

Expand your knowledge, learn faster, and remember what you have learned with the 10 Habits of Successful Learners course. It all starts with forming the right habits.

This innovative course is available in English and Afrikaans and has a proven track record for boosting learners’ academic performance. The learner pack is specifically aimed at learners in Grades 4–7.

The 10 Habits of Successful Learners course empowers learners to unlock the secrets to mastering effective learning strategies and join the ranks of top academic achievers. Learn how to master your schedule, reclaim your time, and create mental images that stick! Start forming the right habits early to:

  • Improve your marks.
  • Reach your full academic potential.
  • Prepare for an exciting future of lifelong learning.

The course includes ten powerful habits, five eye-opening videos, and one workbook in PDF format.

Form the right habits anytime, anywhere by downloading the course onto your computer or smartphone.

Age Group 8–14 Years
Grade Gr 4, Gr 5, Gr 6, Gr 7
Language English